Children of Zodiarcs – Launch Trailer

Children of Zodiarcs is a tactical RPG developed by Cardboard Utopia. The game takes place in a fantasy world ruled by the Torian Empire. The empire owes its power to the titular Zodiarcs, ancient machines that were left behind by a long extinct civilization. We play as a band of thieves caught in the act of robbing one of the nobles. This draws the attention of the guards and other criminal groups, like the Cannibal Clan. Gameplay is based on turn-based combat. The key to success lies in taking advantage of the game’s environment and the individual skills of our party members. Almost all of our combat actions are controlled by a deck of cards we collect during our adventures. The effects of our actions can be empowered by throwing dice. We can improve those dice through an advanced crafting system. Children of Zodiarcs allows us to develop our characters in many various ways.

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