Crackdown 3 Official 4K Trailer | E3 2017 | RANGgames Channel

Crackdown 3 is third installment in a series of popular, open-world futuristic action games. Crackdown 3 introduces the franchise to the eighth-gen consoles. The game was created by Cloudgine – a British studio led by David Jones, who is the father of the series. Similar to the previous installments, the player is taken to a futuristic city of an open structure, assuming the role of a futuristic officer of the law who faces organized crime. The player has a wide variety of cutting-edge weapons and parts of equipment at their disposal, though in terms of the mechanics, the game follows the successful patterns of the predeceasing titles. As usual, the story campaign is an open-world experience here and it can be played in the co-op mode as well.

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