Days Gone – Alternate Playthrough E3 2017 | 10 Minutes Gameplay | 4K

Days Gone is a post-apocalyptic third-person perspective action game developed by Bend Studio, the creators of the spin-off to the Uncharted series released on PS Vita. Days Gone takes place in America, two years after a global virus outbreak which transformed millions of people into zombie-like monsters called “freakers”. During the game the player assumes the role of a former member of a motorcycle club who is trying to come to terms with the fact that he lost the love of his life. He travels through the northwestern coast of USA looking for contracts as a bounty hunter. The gameplay mechanics are focused on exploring open world, gathering resources and items which then can be used for crafting useful weapons and tools. During the game there are many occasions for combat – both with humans and with various types of virus victims. The latter can attack in large groups, forcing the player to frequently hide and flee since a direct confrontation cannot be won.

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