DEAD ALLIANCE – Tip of the Day #2 Trailer

Dead Alliance is a multiplayer-oriented first-person shooter created by IllFonic – a developer popular mainly for an acclaimed online game Nexuiz. The game begins fifty years after the outbreak of a zombie epidemic, as a result of which the remainders of humanity had to find shelter in city-states ruled by the military. The tragedy, instead of leading to the unification of the dying human race, led to a war over the remaining resources. The gameplay focuses on dynamic multiplayer competition in six different PvP modes – teams of players fight one another for resources and control over strategic areas. The experience is diversified with a character development system, which is typical for the genre, as well as with zombie groups located on the maps. However, zombies do not simply serve the role of just another threat, because the players can use them against the opposition in a variety of ways. In Moving Hazard, using the dead to one’s advantage effectively is crucial for success.

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