FOR HONOR Walkthrough PART 1 Guide and Tutorial For BEGINER | Full Gameplay #1 on PS4 PRO

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For Honor is a brutal, TPP action game in a quasi-historical reality, focused around multiplayer skirmishes. The PC / Windows version is the creation of the renowned Ubisoft Montreal studio.
The storyline of For Honor takes place in a pseudo-medieval world, where three faction are constantly at war with one another. The Chosen are the equivalent of Japanese samurai, The Legions were created to resemble the European knights, and The Warborn are a very similar band to the Scandinavian Vikings.
On the PC / Windows each of the sides of the conflict is represented by dozens of warriors; however, only four of them per faction are controlled by players. The characters they fight with are extremely skillful fighters with special abilities and they stand out significantly from the ordinary soldiers controlled by the AI; the player-controlled heroes are the ones who determine the outcome of the battle, showing up in key places of the skirmish and tipping the scales in the favor of their faction, unless they are confronted by a player (or multiple players) from the other faction, which is why swordplay is a fundamental part of the game.
Despite a light-handed approach towards being historically correct, when it comes to the choice of factions, the devs have put a lot of effort towards making the fighting styles of knights, samurai and Vikings as realistic as possible. They have also designed a game mechanic called Art of Battle, which makes the side which you hold your weapon on extremely important, as e.g. you will not block a strike from your left side if you previously choose to parry to your right side. The special attacks are also worth mentioning, for spectacularly dispatching an enemy player we can call in e.g. a catapult barrage or temporarily increase the fighting ability of nearby soldiers.
For Honor for PC / Windows also has a single player campaign, in which we are introduced to the world of the production. The game distinguishes itself from other online titles by having advanced graphics and a unique theme.
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