Life is Strange: Before the Storm – First 10 Minutes Gameplay Demo | EPISODE 1


Life is Strange: Before the Storm is a prequel to the very well received Life is Strange – an episodic adventure game developed by DONTNOD Entertainment. Before the Storm was published by Square Enix on, among other platforms. Because the creators of the original game were busy working on a full-fledged sequel to the series, this title was developed by another studio called Deck Nine Games.

Life is Strange: Before the Storm takes place before the events shown in the first entry in the series. The main protagonist is Chloe Price, a character well known from the original title. The story focuses on the events during which she met Rachel Amber. It presents how the bond between the girls was born. Since the female protagonist has no special abilities, the decisions the player makes are much more important than in first Life is Strange – they cannot be changed afterwards.
The title was divided into three episodes. An additional, fourth episode called Farewell is available only for players who bought a special version of the game – Deluxe Edition. It takes place before the events from the prequel and it enables the player to play one last time as Max Caulfield – the main protagonist of the first game.

The events presented in Life is Strange: Before the Storm are presented by using a third-person perspective. The game focuses on gradually revealing pieces of the story and letting the player to make various decisions. These decisions have great impact on the story and the finale of the adventure. All other gameplay mechanics, including exploration, interactions with NPCs and riddle solving, are secondary to the storytelling.
Technical aspects
Similarly to the original game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm has expressive graphics that features pastel colors. The title also features exclusively composed soundtrack.

Although Ashly Burch, who was Chloe’s voice actor, no longer plays her role, she participated in the development of the game as one of the screenwriters. The protagonist will speak with the voice of Rhianna DeVries.

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