Observer Trailer – The Year is 2084 | A Horror Games Set The Future Context

Observer is First-person psychological horror film from Polish studio Bloober Team, known mainly due to similar production, entitled Layers of Fear. Observer is embedded in a cyberpunk universe in Krakow from the year 2048. The game takes on the character of detective Daniel Lazarski (this occurred as Rutger Hauer, known actor from the movie Blade Runner), capable of hacking people’s minds. The game’s story germinates when the main character receives a letter from a missing son, who turns out to be a high-ranking engineer working for huge corporations. The protagonist takes an investigation that leads him to Krakow’s slums and force them to live the dark memories and nightmares of both the perpetrators and their victims. In terms of mechanics Observer is an adventure game in the survival horror convention with the action shown in the first person. Most of the time the player traverses dark locations and interact with the characters encountered. An important element sequences, in which the hero breaks into the minds of suspects and becomes part of their worst nightmares.

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