Pyre – Launch Trailer

Pyre is unique tactical RPG title from independent American studio of Supergiant Games. The story of Pyre is set in a mysterious land called Downside, which is a variation on Christian idea of a purgatory. The main hero is rescued by a trio of masked travelers, who ask me to help them unveiling the truth about the so called Rites – an unusual competition in which winners can earn pardon for their sins and be freed from Downside. Pyre’s gameplay contains of two fundamental parts. We travel in a special coach that is also used to manage companions and make decisions that affect the land and its inhabitants. However, there is another and more important part of the game in form of skirmishes we take part in, which combine features of MOBA and sport titles. The team of three characters must come in possession of a special ball and take it to enemy’s base.

Available on 25 July 2017

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