Resident Evil 7 Full Game Walkthrough | Let’s Watch a Animated Horror Movie | How To Survive?

Play a video games that will make you feel like you’re watching a movie. It has a storyline in which you are the main character. Game for your live, so we give you:

Resident Evil 7 Full Game Walkthrough. Let’s Watch a Animated Horror Movies and How To Survive?

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STORYLINE (Wikipedia)

In 2017, Ethan Winters, a civilian with an unknown background, is drawn to a derelict plantation in Dulvey, Louisiana, by a message from his wife, Mia, who has been missing for the past three years. While exploring a seemingly abandoned house, Ethan finds Mia imprisoned in the basement. During their escape, Mia suddenly becomes extremely violent and attacks Ethan, forcing him to kill her. After receiving a call from a woman named Zoe offering assistance, Ethan is attacked again by a revived Mia, who cuts his left hand off. Jack Baker, the patriarch of the Baker family, then captures Ethan; he is dragged to another house and Zoe staples his hand back on. Ethan is held captive by Jack, his wife Marguerite, their son Lucas, and an elderly, wheelchair-bound woman. After escaping his restraints, he is repeatedly attacked by Jack, who is infected with powerful regenerative abilities.[4]
Zoe again contacts Ethan, revealing that she is Jack’s daughter. Zoe informs Ethan that she, her family, and Mia are all infected with the same ailment, but can be cured with a special serum. Ethan makes his way to an old house to retrieve the serum ingredients, and in doing so manages to kill Marguerite. After recovering the ingredients, Ethan experiences visions of an unknown young girl. Lucas captures Zoe and Mia before Ethan’s return, and forces him to navigate a booby-trapped barn to find them. Ethan outwits Lucas, causing him to flee, and frees Zoe and Mia. Zoe then develops two serum doses; Jack, now heavily mutated, attacks Ethan, who uses one dose to permanently kill him.
Ethan must then choose to cure either Mia or Zoe. Choosing Zoe leaves Mia heartbroken, despite Ethan’s promise to send help. As he and Zoe flee on a boat, Zoe reveals that the Bakers were infected after Mia arrived with a young girl named Eveline when the wreck of a tanker ship washed ashore. Eveline stops their escape by psychically killing Zoe, and Ethan is knocked from the boat by a creature. If Ethan chooses Mia, Zoe gives a bitter farewell to him and Mia. As he and Mia flee on a boat, they come across the crashed tanker, where they are attacked by the creature and knocked from the boat.
Following either choice, Mia ends up on the wrecked ship and searches for Ethan while experiencing visions of Eveline, who refers to Mia as her mother. Eventually, Mia’s memory is restored, revealing that she was a covert operative for an unnamed corporation that developed Eveline as a bioweapon. Mia and another agent were to escort Eveline as she was being transported aboard the tanker when Eveline escaped containment and sank the ship. She then infected Mia in an effort to force her to be her mother.
Upon finding Ethan, Mia gives him a vial of Eveline’s genetic material. If Ethan cured Mia, she resists her control long enough to seal Ethan out of the ship to save him; if he cured Zoe, Mia succumbs to Eveline’s control and attacks Ethan, forcing him to permanently kill her.
After leaving the shipwreck, Ethan discovers a hidden laboratory inside an abandoned salt mine. There, he learns that Eveline is a bio-organic weapon capable of infecting people with a psychotropic mold that gives her control over her victims’ minds, resulting in insanity, superhuman regenerative abilities, and various mutations. Eveline grew up obsessed with having a family, influencing her to infect Mia and the Bakers, as well as to lure Ethan to the Bakers’ home. Lucas is also revealed to have been immunized against Eveline’s control by the organization in exchange for providing observations on her. Using the lab equipment and Eveline’s genetic material, Ethan synthesizes a toxin to kill her, and proceeds through a series of tunnels that lead back to the Baker house. Eveline assaults Ethan with hallucinations, but he overcomes them. Ethan then injects Eveline with the toxin, but instead of killing her it reveals she is the elderly woman in a wheelchair, rapidly aging since her escape. Eveline then mutates into a large monster and, aided by the arrival of a military squad, Ethan is able to kill her.
With Eveline dead, the squad and their leader, who identifies himself as “Redfield”, extracts Ethan by helicopter. If Ethan did not cure Mia, he throws his phone containing her last message to him from the helicopter, saying “goodbye”. If Mia was cured, she is found alive aboard Redfield’s helicopter. As the helicopter flies away, it is revealed to be branded with a variation of the Umbrella Corporation logo.

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