Skull and Bones: E3 2017 Accolade trailer | RANGgames Channel

Skull and Bones is a pirate tactical action game developed by a Shanghai-based studio of Ubisoft. Skull & Bones take place during the golden area of piracy on the waters of Indian Ocean. The player assumes the role of a corsair who commands his ship while gradually building his reputation and amassing more loot. At the beginning the player has only a single ship, but as he progresses through the game he obtains an entire fleet of various ships that differ among each other in agility, range and durability. Each ship can be customized with additional parts that change its looks and combat effectiveness. The game takes place in an open world in which the player competes with artificial intelligence and with other players. During the battles it is important to take advantage of water currents and to prepare proper tactics and to cooperate with allies. It is also important to select adequate ship for the type of task the player intends to complete.

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