Sudden Strike 4 Gameplay Trailer

Sudden Strike 4 is the fourth installment in the series of real-time war strategies started in 2000 by Fireglow studio. After the franchise was taken over by Kalypso Media, the task of creating a new installment was given to the young team from Kite Games. Similarly as previous installments of the saga, Sudden Strike 4 takes place during World War II. In the game the player controls the armed forces of Germany, USA, Great Britain and Soviet Union, participating in battles during three large story campaigns and multiplayer skirmishes. The players can choose from more than one hundred varied units and from large variety of tactical options such as ambushes, using buildings as strong points, calling for air support or taking advantage of tanks’ weak points. The greatest novelty introduced in this installment are much larger maps and the addition of nine generals based on historical figures. Their unique abilities can turn the tide of battle.

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