Sundered All Boss Fights Walkthrough – 4K | How to Kill Boss in Sundered – Thunder Lotus Games?

Sundered All Boss Fights Walkthrough | How to Kill Boss in Sundered (2017 – Thunder Lotus Games?


The locations the player will visit mostly consist of complicated cave complexes and underground tunnels. The locations are procedurally generated. Thanks to that each new playthrough offers slightly different experience. The protagonist is not only collecting equipment that gradually becomes better, but he develops abilities and gains energy from ancient artifacts as well. This process provides him with access to previously locked places and enables him to face stronger opponents.
The battle is one of the pillars of the gameplay of Sundered. The player will encounter various enemies. In addition to regular, rather easy to defeat adversaries, sometimes the player will face bosses as well. They are of great size and are resistant to various attacks – the key to defeating them is to develop proper tactics and to utilize the wide variety of offensive possibilities.

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