Sundered Launch Trailer – Resist or Embrace

Sundered is a two-dimensional metroidvania action game developed by independent studio Thunder Lotus Games – the producer of the warmly-received Jotun. In Sundered, the player assumes the role of a wanderer who travels through a ruined, post-apocalyptic world. The story of the game is strongly connected to its mechanics, as the price of the progress of the protagonist is paid with his humanity – what powers the player decides to wield, will have impact on the ending of the game. The protagonist is traveling mostly through randomly generated cave complexes and underground tunnels. On his paths he encounters various enemies, including powerful bosses, defeating which requires using thoughtful tactics. As the player progresses through the game, he obtains better equipment and ancient artifacts that enables him to develop abilities. This unlocks access to new locations, even stronger enemies and better items. Sundered has two-dimensional, hand drawn graphics the style of which is similar to games like Jotun and The Banner Saga.

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