sea of thieves

Official Sea of Thieves Inn-side Story #18: Riddle Quests

Explore the past, present and future of our in-game Riddle Quest system and how it helps you track down treasure with Senior Designer Andy and Senior Engineer Chris! Check out the official game site: Subscribe us: Follow us: Facebook: Youtube: Tweeter:[Read More]

Sea of Thieves – Inn-side Story #17 Shipwrecks | From Game Developer

Sea of Thieves is an action adventure game focusing on multiplayer, set in an open world filled with pirates, treasures and exotic lands to explore. It is a work of the experienced studios Rare – creators of such classic series as Donkey Kong and Banjoo-Kazooie. Players take on roles of corsairs taking part in countless adventures, both on land and open sea. Gameplay revolves around exploration an...[Read More]

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