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“It’s all your fault…”

That’s the mantra running through Sebastian Castellanos’ mind. Plagued by memories of the daughter he couldn’t save and a mystery he could never solve, he begins to lose himself in his past mistakes. Sebastian lives out his nightmares every day, unable to pull himself from his downward spiral. Until an old friend-turned-traitor reenters his life with an offer: Return to the nightmare and save your daughter. The Evil Within 2 gives a broken man the chance to make things right and find the peace he so deserves, but he’ll have to go through hell first.

“A direct sequel to a successful survival horror: The Evil Within. Both titles have been developed under the watchful eye of Shinji Mikami, the author of such video game series as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. In The Evil Within 2, players yet again assume the role of detective Sebastian Castellanos, who travels to a seemingly idyllic town in search for his daughter. What he does not know, however, is that the town hides a horrible secret. The game allows players to observe the action from a third-person perspective to better experience the survival horror setting. The main protagonist gets to venture through gloomy and claustrophobic locations, as well as larger open spaces often filled with horrifying enemies. To fight off the threat, detective Castellanos can use his firearms; however, due to survival horror games’ convention, the ammunition is scarce. Another solution is to take the stealth approach and quietly eliminate the foes with a crossbow. Of course, one can also decide to run for it. In The Evil Within 2 Sebastian can use a comlink to consult his friend – Julia Kidman – who eagerly guides him through this horrible reality.”

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