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Thimbleweed Park is a point-and-click adventure game created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. The players are taken to the titular Thimbleweed Park – once a prosperous business area, now definitely past its prime. The player takes on the roles of five characters in total throughout this adventure and is capable of switching between them at any time. The characters present are a stronger feature of this game – apart from others, the player assumes the role of Ransome – a clown suffering from a curse which makes him unable to get rid of his stage make-up. Franklin is another of the characters the player will be in control of in this game; one day, he (Franklin) discovers that he has died. The player will also assume control of two detectives investigating a case of a body found nearby; Dolores on the other hand, needs to read the testament of her rich uncle. When it comes to the story, the creators mixed a unique taste in humor with different possible endings. All of this is complemented by visuals modeled after LucasArts’ classics, as well as an interface resembling the legendary SCUMM system.

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